Intellectual output

The following intellectual output was planned and accepted for this project. According to the project application and the allcoated funding, intellectual output has been produced and is presented on this platform:

Time Intellectual output
10/15 – 02/16 O2
Conceptual framework & guidelines; virtual learning space design

Syllabus design for 8 content areas of European relevance

Virtual learning space design (see platform)
Material production -specifications for audio and video recorded texts  (see PALM4TEACHERS)
Google Drive course for text processing and material development 
Google Drive & Moodle courses for work with trainees
Plans for teacher workshops (see PALM4TEACHERS)
Plans for symposia E1 (University of Cyprus) & E2 (PH NOE)

12/15 – 07/18 O3

Conceptual framework  (see PALM4TEACHERS)
Design  (see PALM4TEACHERS)
IT set-up
Implementation (see Activities)
Corpus based material production (lexical notebooks, gamification, CEFR level analysis – see Activities)

03/16 -06/18 O4
Texts, learning and teaching materials, assessment tools, training materials for teachers

1500 written, audio recorded or video recorded texts from pupils in 8 languages on Google Drive; about 1000 to be seen on platform (see Topics)

Transcripts from selected texts: see Activities

Teaching materials: see Classroom Tasks

Classroom assessment tools: see Quiz & Do!

Online assessment tools: see Quiz & Activities

Gamification: see Activities

Surveys to collect “LIKES” and CEFR level estimates of texts, online practice materials and games (to be seen on platform)
Materials for teacher workshops and Junior Symposium at the PH NOE (see PALM4TEACHERS)